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I learnt later that this sort of reaction to plagiocephaly - the name of my daughter's condition - is typical.Back to Health A to Z.The flat spot may be either on one side of the head or on the back of the head.A study out Monday says that 47 percent of newborns have flat spots on their heads.There are various levels of severity, and can occur during pregnancy or after birth.

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Plagiocephaly is a condition that a lot of babies develop; it is a condition that can frighten a lot of parents.

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Plagiocephalyalso known as flat head syndrome[1] [2] is a condition characterized by an asymmetrical distortion flattening of one side of the skull.Several companies in the UK sell the helmets, which they claim cure plagiocephaly from the Greek for oblique heador "flat head syndrome", which occurs in young babies.The human skull is made up of plates of bone that fuse together over time, but when a baby is newborn the skull is soft and malleable.

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