Lotus position sex

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When you double up a yoga pose as a sex position and focus on your breath and movement, the results can be mind-blowing.It can be fast and passionate, slow and romantic, and just as emotional as it is physical.You then need to sit down on his crotch while facing him and hold on to him quite tightly by wrapping your arms around his back and putting your legs around his back as well to pull him into you.You filled me with Love.The lotus sex position is a popular woman-on-top sex position from the Kama Sutra.

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Reclining Lotus is an intimate, husband-on-top sex position with very deep penetration and good g-spot stimulation.

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Sex is about exploration.The first few days of January have been off to a frigid, rocky start, to say the least.Itching for some new and creative sex positions?

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