Stats of teens with pubic lice

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Pubic lice are tiny insects about the size of a pinhead.Jump to navigation.Published Apart from the genital area, crabs may also affect other coarse hair on the body, including the eyelashes, eyebrows, a beard, mustache, and any hair on the back and abdomen.When it comes to worrisome STDs, pubic lice—or "crabs" as they're more commonly called—probably aren't on the top of your list.Crabs also known as pubic lice are small parasites that feed on human blood.

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Pubic lice Phthirus pubis are small parasites found in the pubic hair.

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Adult pubic lice are 1.Similar to both head lice and body lice, pubic lice also known as crabs or crab lice are flat, wingless, parasitic insects that feed of off blood to survive.Pubic lice are tiny wingless insects that infect the pubic hair area and lay eggs there.

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